How to Wear Turtlenecks: Color Combinations for Fall and Winter Styling

How to Wear Turtlenecks: Color Combinations for Fall and Winter Styling
How to Wear Turtlenecks: Color Combinations for Fall and Winter Styling
How to Wear Turtlenecks

Want to take your turtleneck styling to the next level this season? Come to discover dozens of colorful combinations to mix up your layering basics.

As the weather gets cooler, it's time to transition your wardrobe for autumn and winter. One closet essential is the versatile turtleneck sweater. Whether you prefer to layer under blazers or pair with jeans, there are endless styling possibilities with turtlenecks in different colors. Let's explore some top color combination ideas to mix and match turtleneck sweaters this season.

Black Turtleneck

Black Turtleneck Top

A black turtleneck is a wardrobe workhorse that pairs beautifully with countless bottoms and outerwear. Wear yours under a blazer or leather jacket in coordinating black for a polished monochrome look. Layer a sleek blouse on top in a pop of red, yellow or bold print for visual contrast. You can't go wrong styling black turtlenecks with jeans in various washes either, from light to medium to dark.

For a cozy weekend ensemble, try your black turtleneck with ribbed leggings or a corduroy skirt in shades like olive, mustard or burgundy. Top with an oversized cardigan for a chic, put-together vibe. With neutral trousers or a midi skirt, you've got an effortlessly elegant outfit for work or special occasions too. Black turtlenecks are ultra-versatile - stock up on several to mix into your cool weather outfits frequently.

Grey Turtleneck

Gray Turtleneck Top

Much like black, a grey turtleneck is a fall/winter neutral that pairs well with a range of bottoms and layers. Light to medium grey shades complement colored pants especially nicely. Try yours with olive green, plum or burgundy trousers. Denim is another top pairing - lightwash, medium and dark washes all work well.

For particularly chilly days, layer your grey turtleneck under a quilted vest, peacoat or oversized cardigan in coordinating grey hues. You can also bring contrast with a contrasting blazer or parka in navy, camel or hunter green. Grey turtlenecks effortlessly blend into many color schemes too so feel free to mix in various autumnal colors like russet, Mustard and mulberry.

With a plaid or pinstripe skirt in coordinating tones, a grey turtleneck pairs perfectly for the office. Ribbed leggings, ankle boots and a longline cardigan complete the look. You'll get countless winter outfit ideas mixing and matching your collection of grey turtlenecks.

Navy Turtleneck

A true fall/winter basic, a navy turtleneck works well paired with denim but also elevates tailored bottoms like trousers. Wear yours with light, medium or dark wash denim for a streamlined look. Complete with a blazer, vest or cropped coat in camel, grey or black.

For the office or a dressier event, pair a navy turtleneck with pleated midi skirt, slacks or cropped trousers in coordinating tones. Top with a blazer or cape coat. For weekends, pair it with faux leather leggings, an A-line skirt or corduroy pants in complementary autumnal shades. Layer a quilted vest or oversized cardigan over the top.

There are endless navy turtleneck outfit ideas when you consider layering pieces in materials like tweed, wool, suede, faux fur and more. You can't go wrong incorporating one versatile navy turtleneck into your seasonal wardrobe basics.

Crewneck Sweaters in Fall Colors

While turtlenecks often come in neutrals, crewneck sweaters offer a great way to incorporate lush fall colors into your wardrobe too. Consider options in shades like emerald green, burnt orange, burgundy, raspberry or royal blue. These inject beautiful pops of color while still feeling perfectly put-together.

Crewneck sweaters in statement hues pair nicely with neutrals such as black, grey or medium wash denim. Layer a blazer, overcoat or cardigan on top in a coordinating neutral. For work or school, pair yours with trousers, skinny pants or a skirt in black, navy or grey. On weekends, style with jeans, ribbed leggings or faux leather pants.

For an eye-catching monochrome moment, coordinate your crewneck in a rich jewel tone with matching pants and heels. Layer a longline cardigan on top. With coordinating scarf and hat, you'll feel pulled together on even the chilliest autumn days in style. Donít be afraid to mix your neutrals with colors too for multidimensional looks.

print and pattern

While solid colors dominate for layering versatility, consider mixing in the occasional print or pattern for visual interest too. Plaid is a classic fall motif that pairs well with neutrals. Opt for turtlenecks or crewnecks in checks of various sizes rendered in black, grey, navy and autumnal colors.

Striped turtlenecks adds a dash of nautical flair to your layering basics. Pair yours in classic navy and white with corduroy pants or jeans. For a cosmopolitan vibe, layer under a blazer. Textured knits like ribbed, fuzzy or tweed turtlenecks bring seasonal texture into the mix too.

Keep the prints playful with graphic patterns like dots, polka dots and geometric motifs. These pair especially well when styled head to toe. Layer patterns strategically for balanced looks rather than overwhelming mixes. Above all, aim for coordinating rather than matching prints when styling layering pieces.

Mixing and Matching Color Combinations

Now that you've explored some core colors and styles, it's time to start mixing and matching turtlenecks in your wardrobe. Layering pieces in complementary shades is key for multidimensional looks that feel pulled together.

Pair a navy turtleneck with grey trousers and a camel blazer. Or layer a black turtleneck under a burgundy corduroy blazer with charcoal pants. Olive or forest green pieces pair beautifully with shades of plum, rust and burgundy too. You can't go wrong with classicneutrals but don't be afraid to play with color either.

Incorporate pops of shades like fuchsia, cobalt or mustard yellow by layering oraccenting with scarves, hats, socks or shoes. There are no rules when it comes to mixing colors and textures - trust your intuition and have fun blending hues that appeal to your personal style. Before long, you'll develop your own signature layering combinations with turtlenecks.

From dressy to casual, turtlenecks provide endless options to keep you cozy yet put-together all season long. Focus on versatile basics, incorporating interest with prints, textures and statement colors. Before you know it, you'll achieve a head-turning winter wardrobe filled with endless layering possibilities.

Final Thoughts

Whether worn as an underlayer or statement piece, turtlenecks are closet essentials for autumn and winter. Experiment with colorblocking, monochrome looks, prints and patterns for variety. Focus on versatile neutrals at first before adding pops of seasonal hues. Most importantly, have fun mixing and matching pieces to find flattering combinations that suit your individual style.

With turtlenecks in your arsenal, achieving polished yet comfortable outfits for any occasion will be effortless all season long. Here's to creating countless new fall and winter layering looks that keep you feeling put-together from dawn till dusk. Happy styling!

Can I wear turtlenecks with skirts?

Yes, turtlenecks pair beautifully with skirts for a polished look. Opt for midi lengths and styles like plaids, tweeds and solids in coordinating shades.

How do I style printed turtlenecks?

Pair printed turtlenecks with solid bottoms and outerwear in coordinating colors. Monochrome looks also work well. Focus on one printed piece to balance the outfit.

Is it okay to mix patterns with turtlenecks?

Yes, you can mix patterns when you use them strategically. Stick to similar scale/type of patterns and coordinating colors. Wear one bold printed piece at most.

What fabrics work best for layering?

Knits like merino wool, cashmere and cotton blend best for layering without bulk. Heavier fabrics like tweed can get too warm. Focus on breathable textures.

How tight should a turtleneck fit?

Itís personal preference but most flattering is a fitted turtleneck that doesnít gap or pull. Make sure itís not too tight to comfortably layer underneath other pieces.

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