Ethnic - A Fashionable Addition to Style (22 Jul 2011)

Ethnic - A Fashionable Addition to Style

Ethnic has been one of the popular fashion trends in recent years with a cultural background of increasing awareness of environmental and cultural proctection since 1990's. To fashion designers, simply play with style variations cannot fulfill their needs for varieties. The popularity of ethnic simply adds more imagination to their fashion designs from tranditional Chinese Cheong Sam to Gypsy Bohemian, from Russian to Indian and Middle-Eastern. Non-Western aesthetics have provided a fertile subject matter to develop creativity. Designers such as Christian Lacroix, Dries van Noten, John Galliano, Kenzo, Vivienne Tam, Yeohlee and many others have taken these inspirations to create new design styles and mix & match different cultural elements into modern fashion designs. The inspirations are well prsented by Dries van Noten (one of the leading fashion designers for the ethnic fashion trend) who said "For me, exoticism is the elsewhere, the other, the difference. It is generally associated with distant countries. But for me, it is rather everything that reroutes us from the ordinary . . . from our habits, our certainties and from the everyday to plunge us into a world that is amazing, hospitable and warm." In fashion designs, ethnic is presented in gorgeous patterns and prints or some specific cultural fashion elements. As the world continues its globalization, it is foreseen that the ethnic fashion trend will keep going and may blossom to even greater success in the future.

As a piece of advice, when dressing in ethnic style fashion, don't forget to decorate yourself with accessories to beautify the fashion, in which way the characteristics can be highlighted and strengthened.

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