Scandinavian Folk Deer Pattern Fringe Knit Poncho Wrap Gray White Red

Scandinavian Folk Deer Pattern Fringe Knit Poncho Wrap Gray White Red

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Color : Gray, White, Red

Product Features

* A beautiful poncho top woven with lovely folk pattern in Scandinavian style. Fringed hem. Button closures made under the arms, near the waist, forming sleeve like features when buttoned up.

* A perfect poncho if unbuttoned.

* Acrylic blend. Fit for cool seasons. A perfect item for layering looks.

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  Length from Shoulder to the Hem approx. 22"
  Side Length (From Neckline to the Hem (at the side) approx. 19"
  Width / Diameter (at the bottom, with the Poncho lying flat) approx. 34"

 * NOTE : The above measurements are to be compared with measurements of your own clothing (pick one from your wardrobe that you think fits you the best) rather than your own body measurements.

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