New Pleats for Spring & Summer 2012 (29 Jan 2012)

New Pleats for Spring & Summer 2012

Pleats are one of the popular features used by fashion designers in fashion designs. According to Wikipedia, a pleat is a type of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself and securing it in place. The folds can be stitched together or by heat pressed. Depending on types of folding, there are various types of pleats including Box Pleat (a flat double pleat made by folding under the fabric on either side of it), Inverted Pleat (a box pleat reversed so that the fullness is turned inward), Kick Pleat (pleat in back of a straight skirt to allow ease in walking) and Knife Pleat (a single pleat turned in one direction) etc.

By its definition, pleats obviously give more dimensions to the simple flat fabric. With such dimensional additions, pleats are usually used on chiffon and satin fabrics to give a light and soft impression. A classic theme of pleats is Marilyn Monroe's white pleated dress featured in movie "The Seven Year Itch". Traditionally, pleats are bounded by its definition that no significant variations are being made. This year, fashion designers have injected new concepts in adopting pleats for their fashion collections. Celine and Chloe have used duo colored and grids in pleats for their fashion collections. For Chanel and Jill Sander, they have adopted pleats horizontally instead of the traditional vertical pleats which give a whole new outlook in fashion designs. Such creative use of pleats has generated one of the fashion trends for this Spring and Summer ie New Pleats.

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