Lacy Curlicue Ruffle Fluffy Scarf Gray / Grey

Lacy Curlicue Ruffle Fluffy Scarf Gray / Grey

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Product Description


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Product Condition : 100% Brand New

Color : Gray / Grey

Product Features

* An eye-catching fashionable ruffle scarf which adds instant style and flair to your wardrobe. Unique design with lacey knit pattern. It is soft and drapes well. Versatile for both day and night. Also a perfect gift for someone special.

* Cotton blend fabric is soft and comfy. Perfect for spring and fall.

* ONE SIZE FITS MOST PEOPLE but please also check the measurements stated below.

We guarantee the product to be in good quality and every product will go through strict quality control procedures to make sure the item to be in good condition before mailing out.

Important : We respect copyright and truly hate to sell any copy brand or fake products.




  Width approx. 15"
  Length approx. 60"

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