Different ways of wearing a triangular shawl

Different ways of wearing a triangular shawl
Different ways of wearing a triangular shawl

Classic Triangle Wrap: Drape the shawl over your shoulders, and tie the ends at the back, creating a triangular wrap. You can leave the tips hanging or use a brooch to secure the shawl in place.

Shoulder Shawl: Place the center of the shawl on one shoulder, and let the tails fall over the opposite shoulder. This style shows off the pattern of the shawl while keeping you cozy.

Draped Front Shawl: Similar to the shoulder shawl, except instead of letting the tails fall over your opposite shoulder, they drape over your chest, crossing in front of you.

As a Scarf: Fold the shawl into a long, narrow scarf shape, and wrap it around your neck. You can wear it loose or knot it close to your neck for added warmth.

Belted Shawl: Wrap the shawl around your waist, leaving one end longer than the other. Tie the longer end to the shorter end with a belt, and adjust the shawl to cover your back and shoulders.

Head Covering: Fold the shawl into a triangle, and place the tip of the triangle at the back of your head. Bring the corners of the triangle around to the front, and tie them underneath your chin for a cozy head covering.

There are many creative ways to wear a triangular shawl, and the options are endless!

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