Sexy Halter Back Tie Floral Satin Dress Black w/ Belt

Sexy Halter Back Tie Floral Satin Dress Black w/ Belt

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Product Description

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Product Condition : 100% Brand New

Color : Black Background with Oriental Flower Prints in Vivid Colors

Product Features

* An extraordinary beautiful halter dress in maxi style. Long enough to achieve a flowery fluid style, yet not too long to make it an inconvenience. Sexy plunge v neckline. Halter tie for easy fitting. Elastic low back. Zipper at side.

* Gorgeous floral prints in Oriental style. (** Please note that the print is of a randomly distributed pattern, the way it appears will vary on different dress**)

* Comes with a separate elastic belt in beautifully woven fabric. The belt is elastic at one side, with hook closures.

* This item is available in ONE SIZE only (no size options, but the fabric is slightly stretchy), please check the measurements stated below.

* Other Color Options : Yes, click the photos below to view in our store:

Dressing Tips

This stunning dress is all set to be the statement shape of dress. This is the dress to take to you a wedding, to a festival, a party, or to a special date. Add choices of footwear, accessories or belts and you will be surprised with its versatility and effortless glamour.


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 Chest (lying flat) n/a (open back design)
 Waist / Ribcage approx. 29"~34กจ
 Length to Waistline approx. 33"
 Length of Belt approx. 26กจ~33"

 * NOTE : The above measurements are to be compared with measurements of your own clothing (pick one from your wardrobe that you think fits you the best) rather than your own body measurements.

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