Glittering Sequin Sleeveless Tank Vest Top Silvery

Glittering Sequin Sleeveless Tank Vest Top Silvery

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Product Condition : 100% Brand New

Color : Black Fabric w/ Silvery Sequins

Product Features

* A gorgeous sequined evening top. Sheer looking at the back. As it is fully embellished with beautiful glistening sequins in the front, it won't been seen through in the front.

* Fits for evening wear or any special occasion. Easy matching, long-staying style.

* Polyester fabric (70% Polyester, 30% Spandex) is comfy, semi sheer, stretchy.

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  Armhole approx. 9" (across, one side)
  Armpit to Armpit approx. 17" (lying flat) to 20" (stretched comfortably)
  Length from Shoulder approx. 23.5"

 * NOTE : The above measurements are to be compared with measurements of your own clothing (pick one from your wardrobe that you think fits you the best) rather than your own body measurements.

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