Fashion Trends F/W 2014 (26 Sep 2014)

Fashion Trends F/W 2014

1. Eye-Catching Fur

Fur / Faux fur is a commonly used element by fashion designers in their Fall/Winter collections. This element was presented with elegance and luxury in the past. However, this season, designers tried to inject fresh ideas including spots, color blocks and ethnics into fur / faux fur designs. Such change has broadened the audience to younger generations. Brands leading this trend include Moschino, Prada And Pucci.

2. Art Pop

Vivid colors is another tune set in this F/W in addition to the traditional gray and black color mix. Pink and green(Dior), green and yellow(Pucci), red and blue(Versace), unexpected and vibrant hues are all over the runway. Besides colors, designs also turn color into their painting with different artistic patterns(Kenzo), geometric shapes(Chanel) and cartoon figures(Moschino and Yoji Yamamoto).

3. Keep Metallic

Metallic colors are trending to be more popular in F/W collections. Their eye-catching shiny nature gives the dull colors more attractions and modern styles. Brands like Miu Miu and Moncler Gamme Rouge also inject sportive design elements into their collections.

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