Fashion Trends - Fall & Winter 2011 (5 Aug 2011)

Fashion Trends - Fall & Winter 2011

At the end of this hot hot summer, we need to start to look and plan for our new looks for this F/W 2011. How will the fashion trends go this time? What hints have the fashion designers provided to us to dress up ourselves? You must be very excited in finding the details. Below are some of the fashion trends this F/W for your reference :

1. Polka Dots

What? Some may think I must have made a mistake in typing this term. In the memories, this patterns belongs to the 80's and even older. However, I am serious in raising this fashion trends. This year the dots are presented in different ways and textures besides simple prints. Embroidery, sequin discs are adopted by Stella McCartney. Dots on lace fabrics in collections of Gucci, l.a.m.b, Malandrino and Salvatore Ferragamo. Dots with different sizes for Yohji Yamamoto, Lyn Devon and Azzaro. Even more, Marc Jacobs introduces a full set of polka dots design from hats, tops, dresses, skirts to hosiery in order to completely capture this trend,

2. High Class Fetish

Black leather, synthetic rubber, plastics, see-through fabrics and metal clips are common elements of Fetish fashion. This type of fashion is understood to be clothing that is not worn as the usual wardrobe of people, and is instead worn to create a particular reaction. However, fashion designers try to reform the tradition and create a Fetish fashion trend by mixing it with high class elements eg fur x fetish by Louis Vuitton, 3D cutting x fetish by Loewe and classic SM design by Alexander McQueen. Therefore this trend should be called High Class Fetish to differentiate with the traditional Fetish.

3. Gentlemen Look

In the modern world, this trend has always been hidden in the fashion designs of many famous fashion designers. Women like to be as powerful as men is the main theme behind this trend. Dress in a more masculine way also provides more varieties in fashion styles. One of the major appearance is the Tux look. Generally a shirt or a lace blouse inside with tuxedo outside in black or white colors is a great look to capture this trend. Another sexy way is a tuxedo outside with nothing underneath. Want more ideas? You may take a look at how Kirsten Dunst suited up for the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards. The 29-year-old actress wore a Patrik Ervell tux and shirt with Prada shoes. She accessorized with a ring and white gold and diamond bracelets from Bulgari. Meanwhile, British designer Phoebe Philo, who is the creative director for Celine also dressed in a Tux when attending the same ceremony.

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