Cutie Bear Long Tail Knit Baby Toddler / Kids Hat Gray White

Cutie Bear Long Tail Knit Baby Toddler / Kids Hat Gray White

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Product Description

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Color : Dark Gray (Grey) + Light Gray + White

Product Features

* This knit baby hat is stretchy and extra comfy. Plush and cozy. Lovely bear in the front. Litte cute "ears" at sides and a long tail at the back.

* Knit hats are a great way to keep baby's head warm so why not get one for this cool season.

* Cotton & acrylic blend yarn. Machine Washable.

* This hat will fit most babies 6 to 24 months. Please check the measurements stated below.

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  Diameter (lying flat to stretched comfortably) approx. 5.5" - 8.5" (across, one side)
  Height (from the tip to the bottom hem) approx. 7.5"

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