What Fashion is About? (22 Jul 2011)

What Fashion is About?

It can't be denied that wearing famous brand fashion walking along the street really give someone more confidence in presenting herself. From design to cutting and to quality, these brands have accumulated years of reputation and with successful marketing strategies, they have won the hearts of famous movie stars and rich ladies. Wearing them really gives a feeling of behaving like a star and wins the admire from people around. However, the attraction of fashion is not solely from brand itself but the combination in fashion and the person who wears them. Therefore, some simple design fashion clothes can also give an outstanding effect as long as they fits you well and presents well for the occations. Sometimes some minor adjustments or accessories can be the magic rod for a whole new feeling. A small ribbon tie at the front of tops gives a more feminine effect. Ethnic tops can be enhanced with the matching of mixed color beaded or special shape necklace. Give more creativity in your dressing today will generate an exceptional outstanding effect without spending a lot.

Remember, fashion is about feeling and matching! Dress up to give your best in outlook!

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