Ways to Dress in Russian Styles (29 Jul 2011)

Ways to Dress in Russian Styles

Russian style is a popular fashion style adopted in recent years. However, how to dress in the Russian styles would be more interesting. As the Russian styles involve the mix of different elements, we would like to suggest some for reference here:

1. Russia is a country consists of many different nations. Many of them are closely related to agriculture and nature. Therefore, their clothing designs consist of folkloric elements such as simple flower patterns. But these decorations should not be to fancy.

2. Extremely cold weather has driven the Russian styles to be furry like. Fur jackets, fur shawls and even little fur decorations over bags and hats are popular in every fashion show.

3. Years of instability in the Russian history has made Russian women stronger and these have been reflected in their ways of dressing. Military like styles such as Napoleon collar and shoulder strap mounted on long jackets give a solid feel out of feminine.

4. The arts of royal embroidery, brocade and beads attachement have been developed rapidly in Russia history accompanied by the extreme status of Russian Imperial. How can we missing them when dressing like a Russian.

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