Layering Styles (13 Dec 2011)

Layering Styles

Layering look! It adds warmth and makes summer dresses wearable all year round. It also adds colors to otherwise boring outfits and cover up some unflattering curves of body.

Some of the favourite layering styles include:

l. Using waistcoats and vests (or sometimes sleeveless tank tops) for layering. Choose an item with sequins, or made with faux fur to avoid looking old fashioned. Details like hoods, lace trimmings, or pom poms also help.

2. Another favourite is layering the bottom half with tights and leggings worn under a skirt or tunic, then paring with high boots. But it is important to make sure that the top is long enough hide the hip.

3. One of the layering accessories is scarf. Layering or not layering, scarves can be a frequent accessory. Pick sequined scarves and velvet scarves for occasions, and flowery prints for casual outfits. One way to wear a scarf is wearing it inside a blazer, with the ends of the scarf tucked in the waistline of the pants/skirt. This will make the scarf a nice-looking cross-bust blouse, fits for formal looks.

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