General Features of Chinese Style Clothes (24 Jul 2011)

General Features of Chinese Style Clothes

The modern Chinese style clothes are mostly originated from the ancient Chinese royal clothing as the royal clothing is considered as the best for the time being. The general features of these clothing are listed as below :

1. Fabric

In the past, the high class clothes were mostly manufactured from silk or silk blend fabric. General cotton fabric was only used by ordinary people. Therefore, the silky material would be considered as good Chinese clothing and most of the modern Chinese style clothes adopt them as major selection.

2. Embroidery

Chinese people like the idea of lucky. The images on clothing should be lucky symbols such as dragon (for men), phoenix (for women), flowers or some other Chinese lucky symbols. These images would be embroided on fabric with traditional skills. The major color of threads used would be golden, yellow or red.

3. Color

The generally prefered color is yellow and red color series. Yellow was the royal color in the past which represents superior and power. Red is the general lucky color for Chinese poeple. Therefore these colors are more preferable for Chinese style clothes. However, in modern design, the most favourite color nowadays ie black is also a popular selection by Chinese style fashion designers.

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